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    Company Name: the Nanjing Dan Dike power Instrument Co., Ltd.
    Company Website: http://www.brooklynfloristny.com
    E-mail: njddk@163.com
    Address: Qixia District, Zhongshan outside horses
              Science and Technology Park Jinma on the 5th
    Postal Code: 210049
    Electric Tel :025-84,359,971 / 84,359,981
    Fax :025 -84359971-8007


    Nanjing Dan Dike Power Meter Co., Ltd. is founded by the high-tech personnel, the development of joint-stock enterprises with independent legal personality. The company is located in the east suburb of Nanjing Mausoleum Scenic Area covers an area of ??15,000 square meters, mainly engaged in high-tech precision electronic measuring instruments, apparatus and other production, design and manufacturing, all products with completely independent intellectual property rights. The company has passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification, and get AAA credit rating companies and the title of the Nanjing high-tech enterprises. The company has always adhered to high-tech technology-oriented, adhere to the leader in science and technology, strengthen ...

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